Top 20 NuGet telegram Packages

The Bot API is an HTTP-based interface created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram.
Funogram is a functional Telegram Bot Api library for F#
Unofficial Telegram ( client library implemented in C#. Latest TL scheme supported. Consider donation to speed up development process. Bitcoin wallet: 3K1ocweFgaHnAibJ3n6hX7RNZWFTFcJjUe It's a perfect fit for any developer who would like to send data directly to Telegram users...
This is a class that implements the IWebProxy interface to act as an HTTP(S) proxy while connecting to a SOCKS5 server behind the scenes.
Simple framework for building powerful Telegram bots 🤖
این کتابخانه جهت ارتباط تلگرام با بوده میتوان در پروژه های ویرژال و سی شارپ و ویرژال بیسیک استفاده کرد و برنامه نویسی بسیار ساده شده Telegram.dll for C#,VB,asp WebSite : Telegram :
Reduce development time with helper for Telegram.Bot library.
This is a schema for a OpenTl project
Client implementation of the MtProto protocol to connect the client to a server, such as Telegram Messenger
This is a client api using the MtProto protocol to connect the client to a server, such as Telegram Messenger
Makes it easier to create Telegram and Discord bots
Telegram API for .NET by CloudRail provides an instant messaging service and software application in which you can send text, image, videos and files. Get a free license key at: Features: - Send text messages - Send files, images, videos and audios - Parse messages receiv...
Roslyn analyzers and code fixes for the Telegram.Bot library
Collection of TelegramWebClients that implement various features such as rate-limiting.
A wrapper for the telegram bot API. Keeping backwards- and forwardscompatibility
Telegram Bot API client library for .NET that supports both Bot APIs 2.0 and inline Bot APIs.
Unified Messaging API for .NET by CloudRail provides the possibility to programmatically send and receive messages via messaging services. This interface includes Facebook Messenger, Line, SlackBot, Telegram, Viber. Get a free license key at: Features: - Send te...
Allows you to generate embed JavaScript for the Telegram login widget and verify the hashes received.
Telegram Passport is a unified authorization method for services that require personal identification. This package provides extension methods for Telegram Passport API and decryption utilities for Telegram Passport encrypted data.
Enables SIML and OSCOVA architecture based bots to be hosted on Web API, Discord, Telegram and also as Website Widgets