Top 20 NuGet systems Packages

AWS Systems Manager ASP.NET Core Data Protection Provider library allows you to use AWS Systems Manager's Parameter Store to store keys generated by ASP.NET's Data Protection API.
Fluent.Infrastructure is an infrastructure that unites Controller, Service, Repository, Validation and automation integration testing with the aim of accelerating the development of organized systems, causing major operations become simple and quick to implement. Cache control and logic exclusion ar...
A simple structured logging library. Log entries currently contain timestamp, calling file, message string, and verbosity.
Supported Platforms: • NETFramework Create, parse, and send HL7 messages, thereby enabling your application to communicate with other HL7 applications and seamlessly participate in the enterprise environment. Create complete end-to-end enterprise medical applications that include DICOM, PACS, and ...
DynaLock is a library to create and manage locks dynamically in run-time in concurrent software, DynaLock hides all concurrency complexities in distributed systems. Please visit DynaLock's github page for more information.
Allows for easily selecting a date and time
OvChipApi aims to make it easier to connect with the OV-chipkaart API.
EventBroker Class Library
Form component that allows you to select or paste a color using pickr.
Containerized Static Text Widget for entering static text into a page builder section.
Store your webhooks and events in your database persisted by NHibernate.
A Blazor component used for translating markdown into sanitized HTML.
A Blazor component updates the HTTP Client for use with server side validation.
A Blazor component that utilizes the EXCSLA.Shared.Infrastructure.AlertService
The core library for integrating webhooks into your Asp.Net WebAPI application.
OvChipApi aims to make it easier to connect with the OV-chipkaart API.
Guard Clauses orginally created by Steve (Ardalis) Smith. This project adds additional guard clauses used in EXCSLA.Shared.Core. These guard clauses are meant to be used with the EXCSLA.Shared framework.