Top 20 NuGet system Packages

Dependency Injection wrapper using Ninject
Common classes and routines for ASP.NET MVC projects
Log4net additions for ASP.NET MVC projects
IntiCms - a minimalistic component for integrating content into your application. Rather than a full blown CMS which forces your web application to change, the IntiCms component makes it easy to bootstrap content into your existing applicaiton and imposes no structural change on your applicaiton.
MathCore Library - Linear Algebra
Components for testing Histrio based actor systems
A small ECS library I tossed together to learn myself some F#.
FileWarehouse allows you to work with files in different storages using common interface. This is file system implementation package.
Entity Component System (ECS) framework. Can be used for games and other projects where composition is favored over inheritance. Github project can be found here:
Standard units to use with the RedStar.Amounts package. These contain units that are part of the International System of Units (or SI, from the French Système Internationale).
Provides a Stream.CopyTo overload for reporting the current progress while copying.
A library that enables running individual processes within a virtual file system.
A library that enables running individual processes within a virtual file system.
A bunch of helpful methods and shortcuts for interacting with System.Console.
Provides Stream.CopyTo overloads for reporting the current relative or absolute progress while copying.
This is a plug-in dashboard that outputs a large amount of information about a web application's current state. This includes information about compilation options and extensions, the .NET version, server information and environment, the PHP environment, OS version information, paths, master and loc...
entity component system for the exomia framework
Application Layer File System Sharding Client
WPF controls reused by CodeDog Ltd.
Sockets communication made easy! The best X.690 protocol implementation out there :)