Top 20 NuGet stored Packages

Library for easy calling and getting result of execution of stored procedures.
Simple StoredProcedure Binder in a type safe way.
Simple StoredProcedure Binder in a type safe way. This generates class codes to call stored procedures.
A library to allow Dibware.StoredProcedureFramework to better integrate with Entity Framework. Documentation:
This package includes dynamic link library(dll) for operations on your project. It provides executing query, get table data and executing stored procedure query.
Provide a set of tools to work with. Localisation though Json object file, SQL Server Dal through reflection/attribute using stored procedure (Close to Entity but more database flexible).
Helper for runing Stored Procedure against a Postgresql database
Turn your PostgreSQL database directly into a RESTful API with .NET Core!
Support for store functions (table valued functions, scalar user defined functions and stored procedures) for Entity Framework Classic Code First.
A .Net framework for calling SQL Server stored procedures. The purpose of this framework is to allow stored procedures, their parameters and their return types to be represented in strongly typed .Net classes. These can then be used in conjunction with a SqlConnection, DbConnection or DbContext to e...
Auto generate stored procedure proxies based on defined interfaces
Easy call sql stored procedure from Xamarin Form.
High performance ADO.Net wrapper specifically develop to help make life easy working with Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures for .Net projects/Applications. For more detials vitis Git Wiki page:
A project to call stored procedures in a neat way
ASP.NET based Membership Provider and RoleManager - with Sql database, without hardcoded sql. With use the all ASP.NET version (ASP.NET 2,3,3.5,4,4.5, ASP.NET MVC3, MVC4), for the managing users. All settings (including the stored procedure names) applicable in the web.config membership and roleMan...
.NET Data and Database Extensions
Small and simple framework for calling stored SQL procedures.
Client Classes for Proc Proctor
StoredProcedureData contains Data Models for DbWebApi client to receive StoredProcedureResponse.
Call SQl Database and Oracle like Entity Framework Code first and with normal and async methods - Call Select - Call Stored Procedure - Insert , Update and Delete