Top 20 NuGet startup Packages

Hosting Startup of Microsoft Application Insights for Kubernetes
Extensions to configure tasks that should be executed on application startup, shutdown or repeating after an interval.
KickStart Extension for SimpleInjector
KickStart Extension for Unity
KickStart Extension for Ninject
KickStart Extension for MongoDB
KickStart Extension for AutoMapper
KickStart Extension for Autofac
Application start-up helper to initialize things like an IoC container, register mapping information or run a task.
KickStart Extension for NLog
Реализация абстракций для фоновых задач для OnUtils на основе Hangfire.
KickStart Extension for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
The ConfigurEngine.Logging package provides a simple extension method to simplify ASP.NET Core's default logging infrastructure.
The ConfigurEngine package provides a handful of simple extension methods to improve ASP.NET Core's default configuration infrastructure.
Let your app run automatically at startup in Windows.
Bootstrapper provides a simple and flexible way to make your application's startup and shutdown behavior pluggable and extensible: The bootstrapper provides a single entry point to startup and shutdown the application, Fluent definition syntax allowing to expressively define the startup ...
Hacks a Visual Studio .suo file to set multiple startup projects.
Предоставляет набор стандартного функционала. Среди основных возможностей: 1) Выполнение инициализирующих действий при загрузке библиотеки TraceEngine.Core (См. описание TraceEngine.Startup.StartupFactory); 2) Реализация self-generic синглтона (TraceEngine.Core.Factory.SingletonBase), фа...
Реализация некоторых провайдеров для TraceEngine.Core: 1) DataAccessProvider на EntityFramework. Описание неполное, без примеров, будет расширяться.
KickStart Extension for log4net