Top 20 NuGet sockets Packages

PInvoke API (methods, structures and constants) imported from Windows Ws2_32.dll.
Peachpie PHP language library functions with network related functionality.
Cross-platform socket API for Xamarin iOS/Android/Forms, Xamarin.Mac, Windows Phone 8/8.1, Windows Store, UWP and Windows Desktop. Includes support for TCP and UDP listeners and clients, as well as UDP multicast.
DEPRECATED: use package without "-signed". Common wire format codecs DotNetty.
DEPRECATED: use package without "-signed". Mqtt codec support for DotNetty.
DEPRECATED: use package without "-signed". TLS and other handler support DotNetty.
DEPRECATED: use package without "-signed". Byte buffers support for DotNetty.
DEPRECATED: use package without "-signed". UDP and TCP SocketChannel implementations for DotNetty.
A concrete implementation of the .Net Standard 2.0 System.Net.WebSockets.WebSocket abstract class Can target .NET 4.5 (or above) or .NET Standard 2.0 (or above) Works on any version of Windows (including Windows 7) as well as Linux as it does not use HTTP.sys. A WebSocket library that allows you t...
DEPRECATED: use package without "-signed". DotNetty is a port of netty framework. It is an asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers and clients.
BigQ is a messaging platform using TCP sockets and websockets featuring sync, async, channel, and private communications.
Business application library - get rid of a lot of boilerplate code.
Zyan is a framework that simplifies development of distributed applications for desktop and mobile platforms. With Zyan you can publish any .NET class for remote access over the network. Zyan is highly customizable and provides you with tools to build modular and plugable distributed applications.
A lightweight and highly scalable asynchronous WebSocket listener for .NET Core, .NET and Mono.
C# source code for SocketMeister, which can be compiled directly into your own projects. This eliminates the need to distribute SocketMeister.dll with your software.
A HTTP client that can accept a reasonable level of invalid protocol from servers. This is a blocking, synchronous library that uses only .Net sockets, not WebClient or HttpWebRequest, and has a lot of replaceable components. High transfer speeds, and uses minimal memory. An old and battle hardend ...
High performance, reactive TCP / UDP socket middleware for .NET
Peachpie PHP language library functions with network related functionality.
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
Genuine Channels is a high-end transport environment accessible through .NET Remoting and Direct eXchange Manager (DXM) API. Besides offering steady connections in any environment thanks to configurable reconnect feature, Genuine Channels support communication with clients located behind firewalls, ...