Top 20 NuGet soa Packages

Mvc infrastructure for SOA solution
BLL infrastructure for SOA solution
DAL infrastructure for SOA Solution with Entity Framework
Class to generate app keys.
RabbitMQ transport for EzBus
Wrapper for simple integration with EventStore.
EventStore subscriber, using the JustGiving.EventStore.Http.Client library.
Ninject bindings for the JG EventStore Http subscriber, used for instantiating event handlers for subscribed messages
EzBus - Messaging made easy!
A .NET Core microservices messaging platform. Please follow the link to our website for more information.
DTO infrastructure for SOA Solution
Service client factory for WCF services.
Common classes for SOA infrastructure
WindowsAzure ServiceBus transport for EzBus
A library that helps to write service layers
WCF Common utilities used across SOA application.
A library for creating event-driven micro-services that centers around a micro-service processor that can handle commands, events and queries. Given its design, it also lends itself quite nicely to apply patterns such as CQRS and Domain-Driven Design.
Extension of the Common Contracts implementation of BaseFaults 1.2 for defining commonly used and needed fault contracts in WCF service applciations.
The SOAC Factory is the hook for SOAcollective's SOA Platform out-of-the Box for the Microsoft stack. It allows you to automatically endow your WCF services with ws-discovery, metrics, monitoring and more with zero coding.
log4net appender for EzBus