Top 20 NuGet sms Packages

Send emails and text messages via the same API in C#
A library to send SMS in an organized, efficient and simple manner.
Kavenegar API in .NET
This package provides a programing interface to send text messages
Pocketstop REST API helper library
Interface messages for/from CentralStation
A library for sending sms messages, making calls and sending emails through OTS Platform
This package is wrapper of Sms Owl REST API hosted at
CrossPlatformLibrary.Messaging is a plug-in for platform-independent communication (email, telephone, sms).
TextMagic REST API Library
Send SMS messages to any carrier in the world via Swift SMS Gateway (account required at
This libarary contains the async client for easy usage of the Nimbow API in your .NET based projects.
Twilio Ip Messaging REST API helper library
This is a client of Opilo ( Web Service
Ce package vous permet d'envoyer des SMS en France et partout dans le monde via l'API REST iSendPro. Exemple d'utilisation en C# .Net: Exemple d'utilisation en visual basic:
This is a client of Zamanak ( web service
.Net client for HTTPS API
Sms helper for Twilio REST API