Top 20 NuGet sitefinity Packages

A random bunch of MVC Feather controls and extensions to improve your sitefinity experience - Tabstrip, Kendo or Bootstrap - Markdown Editor - Twitter - Document Tree - Print to PDF - Google maps widget - Page Title widget - Versioned Css\Js MVC Link h...
Dynamics connector for Sitefinity.
Connector for Sitefinity utilizing Pardot API. Allows for Pardot form embedding, submitting Sitefinity form data to Pardot and content Personalization utilizing Pardot Prospect fields, Grade or Lead Score.
Use either the local Image Magick or remote service to optimise images.
Installs Ucommerce in your Sitefinity project.
Add Akimist Spam protection and notifications to comments in Sitefinity.
Use Redis cache a a distributed cache
GatherContent Connector for Progress Sitefinity CMS versions 9.0.610 - 10.x Please make sure to add as a package source in order to be able to resolve the Sitefinity dependencies.
The Siteimprove CMS Plugin bridges the gap between Progress Sitefinity CMS and the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. You are able to put your Siteimprove results to use where they are most valuable – during your content creation and editing process
GatherContent Connector for Progress Sitefinity CMS version 11. Please make sure to add as a package source in order to be able to resolve the Sitefinity dependencies.
Extension to Sitefinity's out of the box personalization module to allow to personalize by zip/postal codes. You can use a single code, list or range.
Sitefinty module 'Slider/Carousel' with Headline, Subheadline, Image, and Page fields. Uses out of the box Sitefinity bootstrap 4 carousel.
Core Falafel library for client-side development.
CTN Sitefinity Booking Widget
Sample Mvc widget for Sitefinity connectivity to OpenEdge Sports DB.
Ucommerce for Sitefinity website widgets to implement a full e-commerce store on Sitefinity. Catalog browse, faceted navigation, and full checkout.
The OpenAccess.Glimpse NuGet package provides OpenAccess ORM profiling.
A widget builder for Sitefinity CMS, compiled for version 8.1.5800.0, .NET 4.5
Plugin for adding Telerik Sitefinity Identity Provider capabilities to IdentityServer3
Entity Framework-based persistence layer for Sitefinity Relying parties on IdentityServer3