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Common code for Azure IoT Device and Service SDKs
A light-weight and easy to use cross-platform audio player for Windows UWP/WPF, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.tvOS, Tizen and Xamarin.Forms. Load wav and mp3 files from any location including a shared library. Works well for sound effects or music. Multiple instances can be inst...
Xamarin & .NET Core Ready, SMB/CIFS(Windows shared folder) Access Library. This is a port of SharpCifs to .NET Standard. You can access the Windows shared folder, NAS by Xamarin & .NET Core.(= without mpr.dll, Netapi32.dll) It's a rework of SharpCifs, and The origin is JCIFS.
Search data in PrincipalObjectAccess (POA), to see which entity records are shared with who, allowing what kind of access
Syncfusion Charts for WPF provides a perfect way to visualize data with a high level of user interactivity that focuses on development, productivity and simplicity of use. This package contains the following controls. Chart:
Contains generic interfaces and abstract classes for sharing between ASPNetCore.PluginManager module and generic plugins
The SharedMemory class library provides a set of C# classes that utilise a memory-mapped file for fast low-level inter-process communication (IPC) - specifically for sharing data between processes. It features: * a lock-free FIFO circular buffer * a simple fixed-size generic shared memory array c...
Genuine Channels is a high-end transport environment accessible through .NET Remoting and Direct eXchange Manager (DXM) API. Besides offering steady connections in any environment thanks to configurable reconnect feature, Genuine Channels support communication with clients located behind firewalls, ...
Package Description
Classes to Represent and Serialize Revit Shared Parameters
Provides capabilities for installing a .NET Core shared runtime.
Shared Controls/Classes for .Net projects
A shared element transition determines how elements that are present in two pages transition between them. For example, an image that is displayed on both Page A and Page B, transitions from A to B when B becomes visible. Transitions in apps provide visual continuity, connecting common elements from...
This is the Loggers module of the Shared framework.
This is the Web module of the Shared framework.
This is the Data module of the Shared framework.
This is the Routines module of the Shared framework.
Shared Controls/Classes for Winform applications. Also requires SC.Shared.Library nuget package
Syncfusion shared package is a .NET library that provides classes and interfaces for handling Syncfusion input controls. This is a commercial product and requires a paid license for possession or use. Syncfusion’s licensed software, including this component, is subject to the terms and conditions o...
This package is a base library of Syncfusion UWP support. It provides transition effects for Syncfusion controls. Documentation: Support: Incident: Forum: Thi...