Top 20 NuGet serialization Packages

Serialization library for C# and F#.
Easy cross-platform storage of settings as JSON in C#.
Extension to SlimMessageBus that delegates serialization to the respective serialization plugin based on message type.
Simple HTTP Endpoints allowing you to send/get data from urls
.NET Standard library with some HTTP related functionality.
Default implementation of parsing for standard data types
Implementation for JSON Serialization using NewtonsoftJson
Implementation for CSV Serialization using CsvHelper
Provides ASP.NET Core specific utilities for protobuf-net
Library of serialization utils.
Trl.Serialization aims to create a compact human readable general-purpose data representation system based on the definition of terms. These _terms_ should be familiar to any programmer because they are basically strings, numbers, and function symbols. This is exposed as a serialiser and deserialise...
Extremely Fast MessagePack Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity, Xamarin). Experimental implementations.
Library for serializing ZPL code
Advanced .Net API for RabbitMQ, Microsoft JSON serialization support
Various extensions to power up System.Text.Json.
Metadata based serializer for World of Warcraft packets. Design inspired from Blizzard's JAM and Marc Gravell's Protobuf-Net. Uses attributes to annotate DTOs that are made serializable according to the Blizzard JAM packet protocol. Can be extended for use outside of World of Warcraft too!
F# runtime library for Protocol Buffers
Plain interfaces and KeyTuple of ZeroFormatter, it is used for define serializable targets.
Provides CsvParser and serialization for SharpLearning.