Top 20 NuGet seo Packages

A tool to allow redirection of multiple configured hosts for rank preservation. The Multi-Host Redirector will support multiple configuration types. Currently *.config XML configuration is the only configuration type supported.
this is a text editor for articles and contents and it has very helpful tools to count and chart the seo key words and links it well help users to add the html tags to there text and contents you can add it to your pack admin panel easily just put the link to the partial view in in any position i...
IDeliverable.Seo is module for the Orchard CMS that allows site owners robust and granular control over SEO aspects. The module lets site owners control page titles, meta keywords and descriptions, robots.txt and sitemap.xml. Additionally, it allows 301/302 redirects to be configured for changed URL...
Configurable robots.txt handler supporting web.config based configuration. Icon supplied by Freepik (
Provides a ASP.NET HttpHandler to assist with generating a dynamic sitemap.xml file
RankOne, Seo toolkit for Umbraco
A super-simple fluent API for redirecting legacy routes in ASP.NET Core MVC
Umbraco extension to quickly create SEO friendly websites.
A c# wrapper class for consuming The Bright Local api. Automatically generates the proper authentication, with the siganture and expires parameter. Avoid the need to generate your own authentication signature. See documentation for examples.
Helpers for handling the SEO-data for ASP.NET MVC web-applications
A version for .net core Slug: is the part of an URL which identifies a page using human-readable keywords. This extension for string type adds the Slugify method for generating slugs from any language. This extension method is useful for SEO friendly Urls. Usage examples: "Hello World!".Slugify(); /...
It prevents web sites from having duplicate/multiple URLs in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It can check for appending/removing TrailingSlashes, WWW, and LowerCase URLs. If the URL is not a correct URL, It changes the URL and redirects (301 Moved Permanently) the request to the co...
A library that includes a HttpHandler and HttpModule to let spiders know not to index your ASP.Net site
Small library which provides extensions for the ASP.NET routing system providing cleaner urls that are lower-case and include a trailing slash. For example /Members/Add would become /members/add/.
A utility library for helping create SEO-indexable content for AJAX-based web apps. Implementation based on Google's AJAX crawling specs.
Spoon creates and serves snapshots of your web application's dynamic content in keeping with Google's "escaped fragment" Ajax crawling specification. It is particularily well-adapted to single page web applications.
A simple seo visualizer property editor for Umbraco 8
Spoon Standalone Connector streamlines the retrieval of page snapshots generated with Spoon Standalone.
Used to call Analytics events and pageview