Top 20 NuGet sensors Packages

Shiny Integration - Plugin.CurrentActivity
Shiny Integration - Prism
Shiny Integration - MvvmCross
Shiny Integration - LiteDB
Shiny Integration - JSON.NET Serialization
Shiny Integration - System.Text.Json Serializer
Shiny Push Integration - OneSignal
Shiny Locations Sync - Uses best pratices to help sync location data to your server
KELLER AG Entities for various purposes.
Shiny Data Sync - Uses best pratices to help push data to your server
UDP Socket implementation for NZSmartie.CoAPNet
Shiny Media Gallery Sync
Shiny Sensor Abstractions
Shiny Notification Abstractions
Shiny Locations Abstractions
Shiny BluetoothLE Hosting Abstractions
Shiny BluetoothLE Client Abstractions
Shiny Beacon Advertising - To your device into a BLE beacon!
Shiny Beacon Abstractions