Top 20 NuGet sendgrid Packages

NullDesk Mailer Extensions for Email messaging using SendGrid API services
Infrastructure project setup for building modern enterprise applications using EntityFramework or Azure Table Storage.
Extremely easy and cute library for sending HTML e-mails.
Aurochses.AspNetCore.Identity.SendGrid is a library for ASP.NET Core Identity with SendGrid.
Woozle.Sendgrid is an extension for Woozle which gives your woozled application the availability to send e-mails over the mail delivery service SendGrid.
Mailer for Gorilla Geek development
v9beta .NET Core and .NET 4.5.X and up support.Not an official sendgrid release but a premature port because I couldn't wait for the actual release of v9.
Arragro provider for Sendgrid Email.
A single C# client library for PayLite's Communication API. It only takes 21 lines of code to send, track and store email and SMS communications with this API. Register for an API key and get 10,000 free emails per month with MessageLite or insert your key/credentials for SMTP, SendGrid, Twilio, etc...
Sendgrid binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
ApiGum SDK is a .Net library for managing integrations between popular cloud applications like Twilio, SendGrid, Shopify and others.
Easy to use libray to send templated emails with sendgrid
ActionMailerNext SendGrid mail sender
Minimal implementation of the SendGrid HTTP v3 API to send emails, compatible with .NET Platform Standard 1.0
WebHook middleware for the SendGrid api using AspNet Core.
Extremely lightweight, easy and cute library for sending HTML e-mails.
Simple way to send emails using sendgrid using http or smtp api. Usage:-- easysendgrid sg = new easysendgrid("apiuser", "apikey", "method"); string response = sg.sendmail("toaddress", "subject", "body", "from"); //method :-http or smtp
Library for sending emails via built in .Net SMTP options, Sendgrid, Elastic Email, etc.
SendGrid email sender for ServiceBase.Notification.Email