Top 20 NuGet secret Packages

Recommended Google client library to access the Secret Manager API.
The most comprehensive .NET Library for HashiCorp's Vault which is a modern secret management system. * VaultSharp supports all Auth methods, all Secrets Engines and most System Apis supported by Vault. * VaultSharp has first class support for Consul and Enterpise Vault APIs etc. * Enterprise A...
Recommended Google client library to access the Secret Manager API version v1beta1.
The AWS Secrets Manager .NET caching client enables in-process caching of secrets for C# applications.
Collection of SoE's ROM models, load functionality
Collection of SoE's S-RAM models, load (& experimental save) functionality
Collection of SoE's enums
PraxiCloud libraries offer a range of common functions, features and base classes to use when building solutions, increasing the time to delivery. Basic Key Vault functionality is included in this library.
The core Secret Server SDK library, required for interacting with Secret Server 10.4 or above programatically through the SDK.
.NET Standard library that provides some Azure Key Vault functionality.
Framework for invoking the Secret Server SDK programmatically, including configuration options.
An C# implementation of Shamir's Secret Sharing
Provides access to Google Secret Manager trough ConfigurationProvider