Top 20 NuGet search Packages

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k-Nearest Neighbors Search Algorithm, based on the RBush data structure
An API wrapper that makes it easy to consume Giphy endpoints.
Image Components SDK controls: - Image viewer and editor component - Image thumbnail component - Image scanner component - Image annotations component - Barcode image reader component - Barcode image generator component Some of the Image Components functions are: opening file or d...
Provides optimization algorithms.
A collection of extension methods to IQueryable and IEnumerable that enable easy searching and ranking. Searches can be performed against multiple properties and support a wide range of types
Developer friendly API wrapper for the Loop54 eCommerce product search engine.
Lightweight library that extends the IQueryable<T> interface to create queries searching through every entity property.
hnswlib: Header-only C++ library for fast approximate nearest neighbors
Services and interfaces for opinionated business applications.
The fastest Levenshtein on NuGet. Supports .NET Framework and .NET Core (.NET Standard 1.0). Levenshtein calculates the shortest possible distance between two strings. Producing a count of the number of insertions, deletions and substitutions to make one string into another.
Abstractions used by the Ofl.Search project.
Lucene29 library for the sensenet platform containing the core indexing layer that works with Lucene index files directly.
Provides web-based rule management of Code Effects 5.x business rules engine on .NET platform version 4.6.2 and up
Consumes a generic inventory document store to be used in PMoney applications.
GroupDocs.Search for .NET is a easy to use document search library which performs search operations over various file formats - DOC, XLS, PPT, ODP and many others. The search API allows to create search index with flexible settings with different requirements: quick and lightweight document search o...
General library for the sensenet platform containing interfaces and indexing-related classes.
Elasticsearch LiteClient is a lightweight, low-abstraction alternative to the official Elasticsearch.NET/NEST.
This package contains a Redakt CMS full text search engine based on Lucene.
This package contains a Redakt CMS full text search engine based on Azure Search.