Top 20 NuGet search Packages

Coub Search API C#/.Net Core wrapper
k-Nearest Neighbors Search Algorithm, based on the RBush data structure
Search Results via SERP API. Hash, JSON, and HTML format supported for Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Ebay, Google Product and more...
Allows to build index Directory objects with a remote master Directory and a local cache Directory.
Helper to upload documents to Azure blob storage. Makes it easy to do full text search on uploaded documents
This package contains the connector tool to help you move your data to the Bing for Commerce platform from a source that can support Entity Fremwork Core.
This is the SDK Wrapper containing pre-made functions used to connect to the Ungerboeck 20.96 API
A simple text search library for .NET
Crawl and index your (static) website for searching using an MSBuild target. Simple search query interface. Uses Lucene.Net and NCrawler.
NList brings an enormous number of powerful, STL-like algorithms to the .NET platform for processing indexable collections. There is a handlebars.js-like text generator. It has a powerful IComparer builder. There is a DefaultDictionary class. There is a class to convert an object into a dictionary o...
Table QuickSearch - JQuery Plugin use: $('TableSelector).quickSearch({ searchField: '#qsearch', //der Container in dem das Inputfeld für die Suche erstellt wird });
Beinhaltet unterschiedliche jQuery Plugins: 1. quickSearch -> Filtert Tabellen Zeile für Zeile nach einem eingegebenen Suchbegriff und zeigt nur die Zeilen an die dem Suchbegriff entsprechen --> z.B. aufzurufen mit: $('.tableClass').quickSearch(); --> Für Parameter di...
Wrappers and extensions to the .NET collections and LINQ.
Inquiro is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written for Windows 8 Store Apps and .NET 4.5 applications. It's a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search. Inquiro includes a powerful search language, and can index any data. Inquir...
Allow you to search, faceted search, add, update, remove objects from your Amazon Cloud Search Index in C#.
TypeScript implementation of an AVL tree, a self-balancing binary search tree, with enumerable/iterable collections like set and map.
Spoon creates and serves snapshots of your web application's dynamic content in keeping with Google's "escaped fragment" Ajax crawling specification. It is particularily well-adapted to single page web applications.
Spoon Standalone Connector streamlines the retrieval of page snapshots generated with Spoon Standalone.
This .dll library can be used in any language that uses .NET Framework 4.0. With this tiny but powerful library you can use all the features of Kimola Search in your desktop/web/mobile application. Note: You will need an API Key to use this library. You can request your API Key from http://kimola.c...
Extension methods and javascript/css for rendering my datagrid component in web pages