Top 20 NuGet scope Packages

Catel.Core library.
Scope Agent .NET Core Extensions
Scope Agent for xUnit
Scope Agent for NUnit3
Scope Agent for MSTestv2
Scope Agent Core
Extension for Ninject which allows bindings to define additional scope types.
ASP.NET Core Middleware for validating scope claims
Scope Agent Serilog logger sink
Scope Agent Runner
Scope-based Authorization for Web API v2.
A simple and flexible way to manage your NHibernate ISession instances.
Creates a Windsor dependency scope per OWIN WebAPI request allowing to use a per request lifestyle component registration in a self-host environment.
Non official SimpleInjector extensions for Microsoft Azure Webjob
ASP.NET 5 Middleware for validating scope claims
Simple authorization middleware for granular scope based authorization
A helpful library for configuring and managing NHibernate session factories and sessions
A scoped DataContext implementation for Highway.Data and Entity Framework
Eslint Scope (eslint-scope) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
NLog logging context tool