Top 20 NuGet scheduler Packages

Scheduler Quartz.NET for .NET Standard 2.0
Schedule all your job, manager public holidays for almost countries
ASP.NET Core MVC Bootstrap tag helpers. Contains tag helpers for Bootstrap's Tabs, Modal, Alert, Popover, Button, Dropdown, NavBar, and more. GitHub Repository: Demo:
This release includes ASP .NET MVC Core Tag Helpers for all widgets by jQWidgets. Some of the most notable are: - Grid - Chart - DataTable - TreeGrid - Scheduler - Layout - Docking Layout - ListBox - DropdownList - ComboBox - Tree - TreeMap - Gauges - Buttons - Navigation Bars - DatetimeInput - C...
.Net Core Scheduler Task This package contains the .Net Core Api support for creating custom tasks with IHostedService interface, This package uses the NCrontab for the scheduler time pattern.
Redis implementation of CircuitBreakerBroker support for the Clockwise command scheduling library.
Minion, background job system for .NET applications.
Lamar IoC container support for Hangfire. Supports both .NET Framework and .NET Standard.
Package Description
Aditi.Scheduler provides a simple API that wraps the Aditi Cloud Scheduler service. Ver-1.0.3 built from master @sha:732209f
A simple, easy to use job execution engine built on top of Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET
Code snippets for mobile-friendly layout of calendars and schedulers built with DHTMLX Scheduler .NET web control.
Long running Akka.NET scheduler backed by Akka.Persistence
Core components for Minion, background job system for .NET applications.
This library is used for Scheduling task in AspNet Core
Lightweight job runner for ASP.NET Core.
Chroniton is a light-weight, fully customizable, fully integrable, strongly typed, and open source solution for scheduling Tasks.
Ultra-fast distributed actors for .NET.
Provides Microsoft Azure Scheduler management operations including the ability to create, update and delete scheduled jobs and get job status and history.
RavenDB job storage for Hangfire