Top 20 NuGet scalable Packages

A cross-cloud storage abstraction
NOTE: As of version 9.4.0, this library has been split into multiple parts and replaced: See,,, and https://www.nug...
Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net
Extensions to VelocityDB for efficient LINQ index/BTree queries, AzureSession file API usage with Microsoft Azure, import/export to/from CSV and JSON, Sync, GeoHash, Compressed Bitmap and RTree.
TwentyTwenty.Storage.Google Class Library
A cross-cloud storage abstraction
A cross-cloud storage abstraction
Microsoft Azure Storage DataMovement Library offers a set of APIs extending the existing Azure Storage .Net Client Library to help customer transfer Azure Blob and File Storage with high-performance, scalability and reliability. For this release, see notes -
A cross-cloud storage abstraction
High performance and availability, scalable and very flexible pure .NET database. Using VelocityDB saves time and money for all software requiring reliable, high performance data persistence. Any .NET object can be efficiently persisted and retrieved within ACID transactional scope. The use of Veloc...
A pooled MemoryStream allocator to decrease GC load and improve performance on highly scalable systems.
This is a .NET Core 3.1 and .NET Standard 2.0-compatible implementation of Oracle Coherence .NET Extend Client. For .NET Framework 4.x compatible implementation, see
A set helpers and tools for the Microsoft Azure platform.
This is a .NET Framework 4.0 (or later) compatible implementation of Oracle Coherence .NET Extend Client. For .NET Core 3.1 compatible implementation, see
Unified.Json is JsonConverter for UnifiedId to use it as ValueObject.
Core of the framework for developing scalable JavaScript client side applications. The framework is targeted towards a .Net developer who has experience with Silverlight or WPF and is looking to apply same principles and patterns (e.g. MVVM, bindings, modularization, templated controls, react...
Windows AzureContrib is a community addition to Microsoft Widows Azure SDK with some nice ;~) additional features to Microsoft's valiant efforts.
Scalable, OctopusDeploy-powered webfarm using Windows Azure Web Roles.