Top 20 NuGet scaffolding Packages

A fast and customizable way to add type to your project. You can specify property types or can use conventions. Visit the Project site to learn about output and conventions' customization. Inspired by MVCScaffolding.
Isolate is a jQuery plugin that provides faceted isolation and filtering of lists with programmatic scaffolding support for Bootstrap 3, 4, or the Isolate grid.
A library supporting the implementation of serviced APIs.
Generates ViewModel and View with bindings.
Relation dependencies in EntityFramework is common task. This package will create a select box, or checkboxes depending if you have a Single or Multiple relationship.
MvcScaffolding templates for the ShortBus Mediator
A poc for creating Views and ViewsModel for caliburn using T4Scaffolding
Provides additional MVC3 scaffolders. (Service, Service interface, Service injected controller, Ajax Grid). More to come soon.
Adds basic MSBuild script and required infrastructure to your solution.
Fork of the MvcScaffolding project in order to use it with twitter.bootstrap.mvc4 project
Scaffolding entry forms for Xamarin.Forms projects
Provides attributes and class descriptors for custom scaffolding implementation
Work in progress, do not use. Do it if you wan't, I don't care.
ASP.NET Web Forms Scaffold Generator
The infrastucture for supporting scaffold generators installed as NuGet packages.
Microsoft.AspNet.Scaffolding.EntityFramework.12.0 contracts assembly for Visual Studio.
Microsoft.AspNet.Scaffolding.12.0 contracts assembly for Visual Studio.