Top 20 NuGet runner Packages

CNUnit - tool to run concurrent tests using many instances of NUnit Console Runner. For example for not threadsafe tests
Javascript test runner extensions
Bundled command line tools to assist running your Joyride tests
An NUnit test runner which runs inside your ASP.NET application.
This package is executable .NET Core DLL, which runs the HTTP server of Backend.HTTP.Server package. Graceful shutdown and restart are supported via semaphores, as implemented by UtilPack.ProcessMonitor package.
NUnit adapter for Skimmia
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the NUnit.Console package. It includes the nunit3-console runner and test engine for version 3 of the NUnit unit-testing framework. The following extensions are included with this package: * NUnitProjectLoader - loads test...
An easy way to run command line tasks for any .Net project. Add a CLI to an app in seconds.
Sonar Runner Client
A test runner module for PowerShell, supporting TDD- and BDD-style test cases, NUnit-compatible test results, batch running or ISE F5 testing, and setup/teardown constructs. Part of the PSST PowerShell Suite for Testing.
Load test runner. Supposed to be used for fast and general check of algorithms and implementations.
FasterTests is a parallel unit tests console runner for NUnit
Package Description
A C# bootstrapper / task runner that helps you keep your tasks with your code.
Yet another testing framework.
CSBuild is a .NET library which helps create build scripts with normal .NET console applications.
This is the console application for Edison, to be used when running tests. Edison is an open source unit/integration test framework for .NET.
Process symbol and generate next day predictions
Small library for executing powershell scripts.
Hierarchical test runner