Top 20 NuGet router Packages

Data Conveyer is a lightweight transformation engine to facilitate real-time data migrations.
ADS (TCP) Router implementation. This package can be used for ADS router functionality on targets that doesn't run TwinCAT Installations to communicate to local and remote ADS targets.
Fast, unopinionated, embeddable, minimalist REST framework for .NET
React Router support for ReactJS.NET.
React Router support for ReactJS.NET.
Simple TCP/IP ADS Router Console Application for use on systems without TwinCAT installation / setup.
Use Tor for your C# HTTP clients. Use Privoxy or .NET 6+ SOCKS support to proxy HTTP traffic.
Provides a Component to implement a SMTP Router. A SMTP Router is an object that will receive SMTP messages and forward it to another SMTP, based on certain routing rules.
Durandal is a cross-device, cross-platform client framework written in JavaScript and designed to make Single Page Applications (SPAs) easy to create and maintain. We've used it to build apps for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android...and now it's your turn... This is a starter kit for durandal-based pr...
A package containing .NET Framework specific components to use in conjunction with the SMTPRouter package. With this package you can use the App.Config file to configure your SMTP Router.
Simple Stupid Redux Store using Reactive Extensions - Binding between Store and Routing in UWP applications
A Freya Router based on URI Templates for route matching
TreeRouter for .NetCore apps
Source Only Package - Evented State Processor (ESP) adds specific processing workflow around changes to a model's state
Cross-transport, cross-site and possibly cross-cloud router component for NServiceBus
Evented State Processor (ESP) adds specific processing workflow around changes to a model's state
Core utilities for Freya Routers
A router component for React and Elmish that is focused, powerful and extremely easy to use.
A router for Bridge.NET projects, favouring strong-typing over free text description of link elements
Allows to connect NServiceBus endpoints running different transports