Top 20 NuGet roslyn Packages

ScriptCs.Hosting provides common services necessary for hosting scriptcs in your application.
Report source based Code Metrics
ScriptCs.Core is the core framework assembly for scriptcs.
Roslyn based C# heap allocation diagnostic analyzer that can detect explicit and many implicit allocations like boxing, display classes a.k.a closures, implicit delegate creations, etc The code-assist version that integrates with the Visual Studio 2017 IDE is here, https://marketplace.v...
General language rules implemented as analyzers using the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn")
System.Runtime.InteropServices Analyzers
General purpose Roslyn-based static code analysis rules for C#. While not intended to be an exact replacement for StyleCop, many of the individual diagnostics are similar to StyleCop rules.
ScriptCs.Engine.Roslyn provides a Roslyn-based script engine for scriptcs.
Exposes many Roslyn editor services that are currently internal. The version of this package corresponds to the Roslyn packages.
Simple analyzer that warns about the most common code smells related to excpetion handling.
Roslyn Analyzer for the FileHelpers Library
Parse analysis reports (InspectCode, ...) and send messages to build server or console.
ScriptCs.Contracts contains the components necessary to create script packs for scriptcs.
Provides a re-factoring and re-imagining of the Code Fixes elements deployed in the default Analysis and Code Fixes project template. This particular assembly focuses on Code Fixes only as part of that re-factoring effort.
A small utility for creating View Model classes for Entity classes.
Code analyzer for ConfigureAwait and DateTime.Utc
Collection of useful C# analyzers
Exterminates redundant and useless whitespace.
Public API Analyzers
Banned API Analyzers