Top 20 NuGet roles Packages

Configuration store support for Balea. For more information see
Identity Management REST Web API.
Allows easy IP address access filtering by simply adding an attribute to MVC controller or controller action. It supports: - single IP address filtering - multiple IP address filtering - single IP address range filtering - multiple IP address range filtering - a list of roles with linked IP addresse...
Suplex.Security is an application security and RBAC abstraction Layer. Implments hierarchical DACL model and common RBAC model. Suplex.Data.SqlDataAccessor provides simple SQL Server DataSet/Row utils for legacy compatibility with Suplex.Core 4.x.
Identifies which Dynamics 365 users are compliant to the Team Members use Rights
Access Management Control
This plugin will help copy security roles from one user and apply them to another.
ASP.NET Membership and Role Provider that uses SQL Server Compact 4.0 as data store. Version 2.1 adds a ProfileProvider, and includes a number of bug fixes and 2 additional methods.
PostgreSQL implementation of the ASP.NET 2.0+ Membership, Role, Profile and Session-State Store Provider.
MvcBlanket security implementation
Role Provider middleware for Owin
Membership and Roleprovider for C1
A simple Extranet for C1 built upon the Security package
Entityframework support for PolicyServer for ASP.Net Core
This library lets you use standard role based authorization using your own roles repository
An easy and reliable way to manage User, Roles and Permisisons of your web application (.NET Framework)
Identity Management application service interfaces.
Roles (similar to traits) in C#
.NET Library for PolicyServer Management API User/Role Search
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