Top 20 NuGet role Packages

LeadPipe.Net.Authorization provides a power and easy-to-use authorization framework for your application. It supports activity and role-based authorization and works with any authentication provider. LeadPipe.Net is an open source collection of useful tools for .NET development. Read mo...
An Automated Role Based Access Control .NET framework with T-SQL Query Parser which automatically parse select, insert, update, delete queries (row and column level security) based on the logged in user role. It also maintains user interface entitlements like menu, submenu, screen and screen element...
ASP.Net identity utilities for Azure
This package contains a Windows principal provider for the CG.Security package. Platforms supported: .NET 4.6x or above .NET Standard 2.x .NET Core 2.x
Provides an active directory RoleProvider and MembershipProvider based on LDAP protocols.
Service host for hosting membership and role providers via WCF end-point
WCF Client proxy for Membership and Role provider to connect to hosted membership end-point
Provides base functionality in terms of identity and tenant management integrated with Microsoft ASP.NET Identity.
Identity Management application services and business logic implemented as Autofac module.
Identity Management store layer for PostgreSQL.
Identity Management store layer using Effort mock database.
This is a library about security management.
FunctionModules package with TcpListener base ContinuousFunction - TcpListenerContinuousFunctionBase q: