Top 20 NuGet role Packages

Application Insights EventSourceListener allows sending data from EventSource events to Application Insights. Application Insights will collect your logs from multiple sources and provide rich powerful search capabilities. Privacy statement:
This package contains the reference assemblies for using Dapr security roles.
Easy testing of role based authentication during integration testing for ASP.NET core applications.
Microsoft Identity based authentication and authorization service for .NET MVC Apps.
This package contains the reference assemblies for using Dapr security roles.
D&D simulation utilities
An Automated Role Based Access Control .NET framework with T-SQL Query Parser which automatically parse select, insert, update, delete queries (row and column level security) based on the logged in user role. It also maintains user interface entitlements like menu, submenu, screen and screen element...
XecMe is a hosting and execution framework. It follows the task oriented design approach for solving the business problems. It is a highly configurable framework to execute batch processes, asynchronous tasks, Windows Service etc. You can simplify your Azure Worker Role development to manage multipl...
MsDeploy enabled Web Farm using Web Roles in Azure based on Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles and including a background worker execution model.
ASP.Net identity utilities for Azure