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PostSharp.Patterns.Caching: support for Redis.
Monadic error handling made convenient for F# and C#
"Either" Monad-like Implementation for dealing with operation results in C#
Implementation of result type based on pattern matching
Implementation of monadic type holding a returned value or an error code.
.NET library that provide mainly functional features for C#. This means concept of Option (Monad), Result and ValueObject. Supported platforms: - .NET Standard 1.1+ - .NET Core 1.0+ - .NET Framework 2.0+ Supports Source Link
This is a wrapper for web api services. Some helpful classes like OperationResult.
This is some helpful classes like OperationResult. Simple wrapped for result operation for any returned data
A lightweight Result object implementation for .NET
Multiple ASP.NET Core utilities, including email, configuration, access to HTTP headers, etc.
Operation libarary that enables railway oriented programming for c# similar to javascript's promises.
Easy and seamless caching implementation of any virtual method in any class.
Implementation of validation of a ResultType.
AsyncResult and Result computation expressions and helper functions for error handling in F#.
Extension methods to configure exception handler which write MVC action result to responce body. Userfull for writing objects
Result type for C# and F#
Optional types (rust style)
Extends the FSharp.Control namespace to add Operations, a Railway-Oriented Programming framework compatible with Async Worfklows and the Task Parallel Library (TPL), including a Computation Expression Builder and library functions.
.Net Core Test Result Parser Global Tool Usage: dotnet labodotnettestresultsparser [arguments] [options] Arguments: path The test result xml path. Options: --version Show version information -?|-h|--help Show help information -f|--format Unit test result xml format. Allowe...
AspNetCore.Mvc.HttpActionResults is a collection of HTTP status code action results and extension methods for ASP.NET Core MVC. See the project repository for more information and available features.