Top 20 NuGet restapi Packages

A client for calling the BOG.DropZone API, which supports optional encryption.
A library to programmatically connect to Authnex Auth-X-Engine.
A library to programmatically connect to Authnex Auth-X-Engine.
Unofficial .NET client for Snowflake REST API. Provides straightforward and efficient way to execute SQL queries in Snowflake and automatically map response to your models.
A dependency for BOG.DropZone.Client
ES RestApi for net5
Extension method to httpclient.
A .NET Standard 2.0 library that converts files from other REST clients into Nightingale files.
We developed some useful Web API enhancements that make error handling and response formatting much less painful and decided to share it with the world. Check out the GitHub page for more info.
Implementation of RESTful Services using ASP.NET Core
VersionedRestApi provides a simple but powerful attribute called 'ApiRoute' that lets you annotate your Web API actions with versions (or version ranges). Versioning is handled via the URI (as opposed to query string parameter, header, or body parameter). See GitHub project readme for mor...
Skycoin client library for .NET
Dot NET Core REST API simple client.
.net 5.0 WebApi template with classes in ddd-style. Preconfigured with Automapper, MediatR, FluentValidation, XUnit, FluentAssertations, Health Checks, JwtAuthentication, FxCopAnalyzers, EF Core 5.0, Serilog and Swagger. Using Commands and Queries (CQRS) to distinguish between read...
Package Description
Helper to consume rest API set up on .net core.
WinFriedSE / Terminplaner API .NET Client
API .NET Client Core Functions
Nakama is an open-source server designed to power modern games and apps. Features include user accounts, chat, social, matchmaker, realtime multiplayer, and much more. The official client which implements the full API and socket options for Nakama server. It's written in C# with minimal dependencie...
REST API Client Builder for easy api calling from .NET