Top 20 NuGet rendering Packages

Public fork of the C# SVG rendering library on codeplex: This started out as a minor modification to enable the writing of proper SVG strings. But now after almost two years we have so many fixes and improvements that we decided to share our current codebase to the pu...
An SVG rendering library.
Aspose.Total for .NET is the most complete package of all .NET file format APIs offered by Aspose. It empowers developers to create, edit, render, print and convert between a wide range of popular document formats within any .NET, C#, ASP.NET and VB.NET applications.
Custom build of the SVG rendering library.
An SVG image control for Avalonia.
Renders a data source based on a Template class.
Aspose.PSD for .NET provides extensive manipulation capabilities for PSD and PSB file formats without requiring Adobe Photoshop and entry-level export capabilities for AI files without requiring Adobe Illustrator. It supports export to the following formats: Png, Jpeg, Jpeg2000, Gif, Bmp, Tiff, PSD,...
An SVG rendering object model library.
An SVG image control for Avalonia.
An SKPictureImage image control for Avalonia.
The Xamarin.Forms front end for CSharpMath.
The SkiaSharp front end for CSharpMath.
The core of the C# math rendering engine - CSharpMath. Can display beautiful math equations and symbols from the LaTeX format. Needs a front end to function. Currently, front ends exist for Avalonia, iOS, SkiaSharp and Xamarin.Forms.
Rendering interface for CSharpMath using the Typography library.
Conholdate.Total for .NET is a complete package to work with a large number of file formats from Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Outlook®, Project®, Visio®, Adobe Acrobat®, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, AutoCAD®, OpenOffice® and many more. Conholdate.Total for .NET allows you to use any API re...
The base code for a What You See Is What You Get math editor.