Top 20 NuGet remoting Packages

C#-to-JavaScript compiler webix application development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler threejs graphics development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler babylonjs game development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler box2d game development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler pixijs game development plugin.
Reflection Utilities for Fable.Remoting
Suave server for Elmish.Remoting
Shared part of Elmish.Remoting
Elmish.HMR bridge for Elmish.Remoting
Client part of Elmish.Remoting
Elmish.Browser bridge for Elmish.Remoting
Suave server for Elmish.Bridge
Shared part of Elmish.Bridge
Server part of Elmish.Bridge
Elmish.HMR bridge for Elmish.Bridge
Elmish.Browser bridge for Elmish.Bridge
.NET fast and lightweight IPC framework that allows clients to work with hosted objects remotelly (call methods, get or set properties, subscribe to events, etc.). Can be used as an object-oriented replacement to traditional RPC (Remote Procedure Call) mechanisms.
A somewhat performant networking library written in C#. Helps you create well structured networking applications faster and easier.
The Web Solutions Platform (WSP) event system is a general-purpose distributed publish/subscribe event system designed for high performance and low latency. Publish/subscribe is a common communication pattern though there are many variations to solve different scenario requirements. The event system...
Remote method execution framework for .NET based on client-server model. This package contains framework interfaces.