Top 20 NuGet remoting Packages

C#-to-JavaScript compiler threejs graphics development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler babylonjs game development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler box2d game development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler pixijs game development plugin.
Reflection Utilities for Fable.Remoting
Encapsulation including DataContractSerializer and RemoteAgency.
Suave server for Elmish.Remoting
Shared part of Elmish.Remoting
Elmish.HMR bridge for Elmish.Remoting
Client part of Elmish.Remoting
Elmish.Browser bridge for Elmish.Remoting
Shared part of Elmish.Bridge
Elmish.HMR bridge for Elmish.Bridge
Elmish.Browser bridge for Elmish.Bridge
The Web Solutions Platform (WSP) event system is a general-purpose distributed publish/subscribe event system designed for high performance and low latency. Publish/subscribe is a common communication pattern though there are many variations to solve different scenario requirements. The event system...
Remote method execution framework for .NET based on client-server model. This package contains framework interfaces.
Wraps cross-domain asynchronous method calls, returing System.Threading.Tasks.Task. Sample usage: using TaskRemoting; remoteDomain.Invoke(myObj.MyMethod, myArg);
Library to enable your PC app to stream holographic experiences to a Microsoft HoloLens 2 over Wi-Fi.
A set of APIs that allow you to provide simulated data to Windows.Perception APIs for your app. Required for Holographic Remoting.
The XDMessaging library provides an easy-to-use, zero configuration solution to inter-process communication for .NET applications. It provides a simple API for broadcasting and receiving messages across application domain and process. Lite version excludes network propagation functionality.