Top 20 NuGet registry Packages

Provides management capabilities for Azure Container Registry.
Dapplo.Registry brings strongly typed interfaces over your registry.
Library providing an agent for the Service Registry (
Clean up Windows remote desktop records.
ASP.NET core middleware for providing a Service Registry
CaveSystems Registry Extensions Bibliothek. This packages contains methods for saving and reading from registry.
Storage implementation for Service Registry ( using EntityFramework
Small helper for getting some registry keys of Steam.
Windows (desktop) -specific classes. Usually wrappers around Win32 API
Kevoree Registry Client
Undertaker Registry (undertaker-registry) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Schema Registry (schema-registry) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
The Engine of Source Code Generation used by the `dotnet-cgr` tool.
Load native libraries, call native functions, do COM objects without registration, do COM registrations in runtime, in .NET
The Config Helper Pro Library has the ability to manage all your .NET configuration needs. Read/write to the registry, application/web config, and INI files with a single line of code. Everything is 100% managed code.
Collection of utility classes for dealing with Windows services, IIS, WMI, Registry, x509 certs, Files, security, network shares, GAC files, and a few other things. Most utilities can be ran locally or remotely.
Monitors a registry key and provides notifications if it is missing or changed from the last inspection
RPC Base libraries contains classes used in most applications from RPC Scandinavia.