Top 20 NuGet react Packages

Elmish.Bridge adapter to enable use in Feliz.Recoil.
Use Falconz.iOS inside of Xamarin.Forms.
Use Falconz.Android inside of Xamarin.Forms.
Library for threading implicit parameters through method call chains
FSharp implementation of Facebook GraphQL query language (Client)
For every file 'SomeEntitiesNamespace.t4s' in your React project generates a 'SomeEntitiesNamespace.ts' with the Entities, Queries, Messages, Operations, etc..
IL rewriter for Signum Framework applications (auto-properties in entities, [AutoInit] and [ExpressionField])
Helpers around Reactstrap for Fable React apps
Fable bindings written in the Feliz-style for material-table
Fable bindings written in the Feliz-style for sweetalert2
Validation hook for recoil.
DSL for creating React components using Fable and F# computation expressions
Fable bindings for NextJS React components and functions
Elmish extensions for writing Fable apps with React and ReactNative
React Spinkit (react-spinkit) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
React Addons Perf (react-addons-perf) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
ReactorUI is .NET UI framework for building cross-platform desktop application heavily inspired to Reactjs. This package contains the WPF bindings to ReactorUI.
Replacement for SpaBuilder.UseWebpackDevMiddleware() which is declared deprecated in ASP.NET Core 3 and has been deprecated in .NET 5.0. For usage and sample applications see
useElmish hooks to build Elmish components as React components
React/Flux principles for native C#/Xaml applications (Windows Store, Windows Phone, WPF, Silverlight)