Top 20 NuGet quartz Packages

A library that converts cron expressions into human readable descriptions. Supports multiple languages including: English, Brazillian, Spanish, Norwgian, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese Simplified, Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Romanian Italian, Swedish, Slovenian, Danish, Fi...
Provides an extension to register ISchedulerFactory with Unity and a JobFactory to allow Unity to resolve Jobs.
Autofac integration for Quartz.Net.
Powerful, easy to use web management tool for Quartz.NET
Topshelf.Quartz provides extensions to schedule Quartz jobs along with your service class.
A fork of Quartzmin. A powerful, easy to use web management tool for Quartz.NET
This is supporting package for Quartzmin
Castle Windsor Quartz facility lets you easily add windsor to Quartz apps.
Easy job scheduling for ServiceStack -
A helper for Quartz.Net.Make it easier to use Quartz in .Net Application.
A fork of Quartz.Plugins.RecentHistory. This is supporting package for Quartzmin
Topshelf.Quartz.Ninject provides extensions to Topshelf.Quartz allowing you to schedule jobs, built from your Ninject IoC Container, with your service class.
Use .Net Core Generic Service and Quartz to Implement Background Schedule Tasks.
A simple, easy to use job execution engine built on top of Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET
基于 Quartz 构建的计划任务帮助类
Quartz Admin allows you to fire up a UI web interface to manage your Quartz scheduler. It's plug and play all you have to do is pass it on your scheduler instance and it will pull all your jobs from it. - View all the jobs together with the schedule - Execute jobs on demand - List triggers
Topshelf.SimpleInjector.Quartz provides extensions to schedule your Topshelf Service with Quartz.NET using SimpleInjector IoC container.