Top 20 NuGet push Packages

Biblioteca para registro e envio de notificação (Push) utilizando Azure Notification Hub.
PushRadar's official .NET library, wrapping the PushRadar API.
Phonegap Plugin Push (phonegap-plugin-push) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A .net libary written in c# to send push notifiations to iOS using APNs Token authentication
A server-side library for sending Push Notifications to iOS/OSX (APNS), Android/Chrome (GCM), Windows Phone/Windows (WNS), Amazon (ADM), Blackberry and Firefox OS
React Native Push Notification (react-native-push-notification) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
PushSharp, but with Firebase, not GSM
Allows you to send notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging.
.NET wrapper for
The Entile Notification Framework helps you when doing Live Tiles and Toasts for your Windows Phone 7 app. The framework consist of a client part installed in your phone app (this package) and a server part which can be installed in any IIS hosted web site/service (the 'entile-server' package). Ins...
This library allows you to access the Prowl API from within a .NET application. The Prowl service allows you to push notifications to the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can learn more about this service at
The Windows Push Notification Service Recipe provides an object model to easily construct and send Toast, Tile, Badge and Raw Notifications using the Windows Push Notification Services (WNS).
The .Net Client component for Pushqa - providing Linq queryable event streams over HTTP using Reactive Extensions, OData and SignalR.
PushIOManager makes it simple receive push notifications like toasts and live tiles on Windows Phone devices sent via the Push IO service.
Send notification, sync & async, in-built validations, authenticated notifications, callback requests, localization & smart next steps on erroneous responses. More Details:
Capptain SDK for Windows Phone Silverlight Applications
Capptain SDK for Windows 8 C# Metro Application
Turkcell Push Server sayesinde tek bir arayüz üzerinden Android, iOS ve Windows Phone uygulamalarınıza Push mesajları iletebilirsiniz.
Aerogear windows push notification SDK
Push notification framework for .NET