Top 20 NuGet proxy Packages

AsyncInterceptor is an extension to Castle DynamicProxy to simplify the development of interceptors for asynchronous methods.
Castle Core, including DynamicProxy, Logging Abstractions and DictionaryAdapter
A Lightweight Duck Casting Framework for dynamic C#
Rebex.Networking provides TLS/SSL, SSH and proxy support to Rebex libraries. This is a paid commercial product with a free 30-day trial: - Trial mode: Start your free 30-day trial by generating your trial key at - Licensed mode: Purchase the product at http...
Generate Audit Logs by intercepting operation calls on any class without changing its code.
ASP.NET Core basic middleware for supporting HTTP method overrides. Includes: * X-Forwarded-* headers to forward headers from a proxy. * HTTP method override header. This package was built from the source code at
OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Testing-Framework for ASP.NET Core and IdentityServer4
FluentAspect Castle extensions
The core of VpnHood server. It can listen and accept connections from VpnHood clients.
Use Tor for your C# HTTP clients. Use Privoxy or .NET 6+ SOCKS support to proxy HTTP traffic.
SocksSharp provides support for Socks4/4a/5 and HTTP proxy servers to HttpClient
Establish a connection to a VpnHood server. If you need to create a VpnApp client, we recommend using VpnHood.Client.App.
A dynamic lazy proxy is a class built in real time, that implemenets some interface T, takes to the constructor an argument Lazy of T and routes all invocations to the corresponding method or property of this argument. The real instance wrapped by Lazy of T is created only after the first invocation...
Lazy injection for Autofac container
A lightweight AOP framework built on .NET Dependency Injection and Roslyn based code generation.
JsonHCS.Net.Proxies for .Net is a JsonHCS.Net based proxy generator for easy and fast (but powerful) api definitions
Interception feature for expressions based Inversion of Control container for .NET.
Allows to serve content from a remote upstream server.
TrackerDog turns any .NET object or full object graph into a change-trackable object
Create rest service proxies based on decorated interfaces.