Top 20 NuGet properties Packages

A library which is able to decompile a delegate or a method body to its lambda representation
Syncfusion PropertyGrid for WPF is a .NET UI library that provides an interface for browsing the properties of an object with support for custom editors, category editors, sorting, and grouping. The PropertyGrid control supports several built-in editors, and custom or category editors can also be ad...
A library which is able to decompile a delegate or a method body to its lambda representation
Creates and edits classes, properties and attributes at runtime.
Abandoned: Converts public fields to properties.
Provides usefull extension methods. This assembly contains all funtions of the following packages: Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Comparing Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions.Compression Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions.Convertions Ca...
A library which is able to decompile a delegate or a method body to its lambda representation
GroupDocs.Search for .NET is a easy to use document search library which performs search operations over various file formats - DOC, XLS, PPT, ODP and many others. The search API allows to create search index with flexible settings with different requirements: quick and lightweight document search o...
C# .NET Wrapper around the common HubSpot APIs.
Copies image metadata from your original images to your resized/processed images. Plugs into ImageResizer. REST API example: image.jpg?copymetadata=true Docs: Support: Requires license, see
Classes to support a business logic layer or an API. Keep child-parent relationships in sync. Wrap a result with data along with a Successful flag and a list of messages. Keep business logic units separate, implementing ISideEffect. Check whether a list is dirty.
Classes to read and write Java style “.properties” files in .NET applications.
Awesome Property Extractor, (APE), is a framework for extracting property values in a generic and simple way, primarily from umbraco and affiliated libraries.
.NET Core command-line (CLI) tool to update project properties and version numbers on build.
dotnet-properties is a .NET Core global tool which allows to edit project properties using a cross-platform UI. Extension properties for object DevLib is a highly reusable collection of components and core functionalities addressing common crosscutting concerns. It provides a comprehensive set of features that save development time, minimize costs, reduce the use of precious te...
Makes a dictionary out of a given object.
This library is developed to provide similar functionality to Java's java.util.Properties class. It allows for the flat storing of name-value pairs in XML
This is an Umbraco extension that allow developers to configure which document type and/or media type properties must be auto-populate on creation and on saving actions. For each document and/or media types, the developers must specify wich properties must be auto populate and how. The default confi...
Easy-to-use calculated properties for MVVM apps (.NET 4, MonoTouch, MonoDroid, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone Silverlight 8.0, and Silverlight 5).