Top 20 NuGet progressbar Packages

Xamarin Binding Library - CircleProgress
C# bindings for MaterialLoadingProgressBar library. MaterialLoadingProgressBar provide a styled ProgressBar which looks like SwipeRefreshLayout's loading indicator(support-v4 v21+).
ProgressBarView custom control for Xamarin.Forms
Progressbar binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Android library to realize the various states and transitions in a ProgressBar.
Draw a chart with progress bar style
Xamarin.Android Binding for JDevZone's FillProgressLayout. A simple and flexible Android Fillable Progress Layout
Custom Windows Forms Panels
A material design circle the progress bar for Android.
Library circle progressbar for splash form
These is a composite progress control with various styles for all programming activities
These are progress controls for all programming activities
A really normal progress bar that function like a normal progress bar. A progress bar which can perform determinate progress and indeterminate progress.
Round Corner Progress Bar Library for Android. Colorful progress bar with round corner on progress which you can customized a color and corner radius.
Free and open-source library with a simple progress indicator for .NET console projects.
This is simple lightweight jQuery plugin to block screen and display gif animation until something are in progress.
Konsole native Windows driver. (works with .NET Standard or .NET Framework projects only on windows)