Top 20 NuGet powershell Packages

A netstandard command-line parser and powershell wrapper.
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
A WebApp Site extension that allows you to open a command prompt / powershell window to all / any of the instances hosting your site. It also allows you to collect Mini and Full memory dumps of the process's running on any specific instance. It also supports profiling the process. All the data is do...
Microsoft Interconnect Peering Powershell Module Package
Psen provides convention-based and out-of-the-box builds, tests, installations and deployments for .NET projects. Find more details in readme file on github and an example in the folder packages\psen.\tools\examples.
PowerShell Cmdlet for rendering a Razor template from the command line.
MMBot package for executing powershell commands from scripts
An example of how to get started with PowerUp build and deployment framework
A class library for leveraging PowerShell from within an application. Supports synchronous and asynchronous commands with built-in runspace management.
The PoshConsole Control for hosting PowerShell in WPF
Adds PowerShell functions to allow you to sign scripts and files using a code signing certificate.
PSWebApi is a simple library for turning PowerShell Scripts or batch/executable files into ASP.NET Web APIs (RESTful Services) out of the box. See details in