Top 20 NuGet powershell Packages

Provide bootstrap script to help execute continuous actions. It simplify usage of manifest PowerShell modules referenced through packages.config.
Contains the SDK reference assemblies for PowerShell version 2
Provides Visual Studio package mangement console cmdlets to work with FluentMigrator's migrations.
Small library for executing powershell scripts.
A deployment framework, for server based applications. Written as a domain specific language in powershell
Generates PowerShell help files and display format files as part of the build process for PowerShell snap-ins and binary modules. Information can be gathered from standard attributes (eg, [Cmdlet] and [Parameter]), source code XML documentation comments and sidecar descriptor assemblies.
This is a NuGet package which contains a module that simplifies downloading NuGet packages.
Developers often work with configuration files locally like web.config, app.config and during build/release process, these files need to be transformed as per the environment values. This becomes a tedious process for continuous integration. Idea is to replace this step with a simple script, which c...
Generates TypeScript model from .NET assemblies
This is a tool only package. When used with visual studio projects with PackageReference, the tools folder will not be created. Download the package directly from the nuget site or use command "nuget install Albatross.CodeGen.PowerShell -prerelease". Using a powershell, call "Import-Module Albatr...
The PowerShell script to increment the assembly version on AssemblyInfo.
This package contains all of the MSOnline PowerShell module files.
Levridge PowerShell scripts
A C# library for reading WebRequest or HttpWebRequest instances and creating commandline curl, powershell, or fetch, jQuery ajax etc.
The PowerShell script to increment the assembly version in project files. Ensure the Version element before run.
The PowerShell script to increment the assembly version in AssemblyInfo.
Contains the reference assemblies for PowerShell version 5.1
PowerShell client with a SqlClient based API.
Albatross.CodeGen Autofac Registration