Top 20 NuGet post Packages

A connector to Australia Post allowing Australian postcode verification.
A Simple HTTP Client for C# (UWP)
This client library allow you to make http request easily. How to use: var address = "http://localhost:50787/api/Test/Test"; var requestModel = new RequestModel() { Id = "guid" }; var result = new HttpClientHelper().PostJson<ResponseModel>(address, "Basic", "***", requestModel);
Search UK post codes and retrieve related geo information
A simple and easy to use http client with support for all request methods and certificate pinning
Methods with implementations that execute HTTP calls on APIs. Included in this version is the communication log, where external requests can be traced. This package is for applications developed on the .NET platform. Compiled in .NET Standard 2.0. This package was created for the exclusive use of ...
C# Library to easily make Http requests
基于HttpClient和HttpWeb的Http Get和Post请求,支持跨平台,加入代码注释
A simple HTTP library that works