Top 20 NuGet popup Packages

THIS PACKAGE IS OBSOLETE. Please switch to the officially maintained NuGet package: Hardcodet.NotifyIcon.WPF This is an implementation of a NotifyIcon (aka system tray icon or taskbar icon) for the WPF platform. It does not just rely on the Windows Forms NotifyIcon component, but is a purely inde...
Abstracts native components to provide a simple popup menu on each platform.
A control suite for some common things a Windows 8.1 XAML application might want to include such as a Flyout, Menu, Rating, Settings Pane, and other controls.
Notification Popup Window
contains the implemetation of a fully implemeted Popup Control and templatable Picker for Xamarin Forms
Android dialog with arrow indicator in the location where you want
Donky.Messaging.Rich.PopupUI.Android -Pre: PopupUI for Donky Rich Messaging
Easily add awesome animated context menu to your Android app.
Plugin to create a Modal Popup View Release Notes:
A Custom Content Control for Windows 8 app Settings Charm Flyouts.
A rich library of user interface XAML controls for Windows 8 that includes: Radial Menu, Calendar, Color Picker, TextBox, Plain Menu, Time Picker, Rating, UpDown, Expander, Accordion, Breadcrumbs, Layout Transform, Range Slider, Tab Control, Tree View and Flyout
Controls and utilities for Windows 8.1 XAML store applications.
Custom control for toast notifications in Windows 8, Windows Phone & WPF applications. This control is similar to a toast notification but it's not. You can set duration, style, logo, text & animation of the notification. Animations: LeftToLeft, LeftToRight, RightToLeft, RIghtToRight, Vertical, Rot...
Implement a toast notification for WinRT (UAP, Windows 8 & Windows Phone), Silverlight & WPF applications. This control is similar to a toast notification but it's not. You can set duration, style, logo, text content & animation of the notification. Available animations: LeftToLeft, LeftToRight, Ri...
bsasper is a jQuery plugin that converts the output of all ASP.NET WebForms dynamic validation errors from inline text to Bootstrap 3 popovers. Both client-side error messages and messages that result from a post-back are rendered as popovers.
Documentation Module and Handler, DocMAH, is a full-service documentation tool for .NET web applications. DocMAH integrates directly with your application so that you can create both page-level help popups that can be toggled on or off and comprehensive, CHM-like documentation pages. Not onl...
HTML attribute affordances used to mitigate JS popup blockers. Designed especially for popups with audio/visual media. Protected $ alias works well with other JS libraries and Wordpress.
Fast, light and customizable jQuery popup plugin.
Multilevel Silverlight 4.0 menu and context menu. The control provides ease of use and flexibility by using, as template, the standard ListBox most of us are familiar with. It can use existing themes and supports shortcuts, access keys, keyboard navigation and can be wired to one or several elements...
Silverlight 5 Multi-Window Controls