Top 20 NuGet pool Packages

Typedarray Pool (typedarray-pool) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A very simple HttpClient Pool implementation for .net/xamarin.
EF Reference Pool Functionality
EF Entity Pool Repository
Specific COAM integration for the Fulfiller Enablement team.
Tedious Connection Pool (tedious-connection-pool) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Generic Pool (generic-pool) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
When you request buffer of size N from `System.Buffers.MemoryPool<T>` returns `IMemoryOwner<T>` which can hold `Memory<T>` at least N elements. That proves to be a problem in some scenarios like passing serialized data back to your users. You need to pass them one more field: actual length of data. ...
MemoryStream alternative using array pool instead of GC new. Best used for LOH sized streams. Look at benchmarks on github for details.
Package Description
PoolSharp is a simple, light weight, thread safe object pool.
This class implements a lock-free object pool.
OpenShare.Net Service Library. Contains some ready made injectable services like HttpService for connecting to API's, MailService (uses Exchange Web Services), and allows for easy configuration with Configuration Factory and Configuration Service examples. See source code on Github by using the proj...
Parallel tasks executing library.
Thread-safe generic object pool helps sharing object instances among multiple threads. Large objects that are costly to create, state-full, not thread safe are difficult to use in mult-thread environment. This little, lightweight library will help share limited number of objects between many threads...
This project is a bridge between UtilPack.ResourcePooling project and custom MSBuild tasks.
Compress/Decompress with QuickLz with less allocations
Fast distributed mirrored pool and striped cluster memory cache for .NET.
A library for object and collection pooling and various other things. Documentation is found on the project site.
This package helps auto-restart a application hosted in iis after a shutdown. Just in 2 steps: adding a library and setting a couple of config settings. Configuration info on project's url