Top 20 NuGet pipeline Packages

Build a flexible chained pipeline that can execute the steps asynchronously
Library for facilitating use of PipelineFramework with Service Bus message processing as the iniator of pipeline execution.
Targets NServiceBus 7.x, compresses messages body data.
The Monogame Content Pipeline for Windows, Mac and Linux is used to compile raw content to xnb files.
This is the Content Pipeline Extension required to build XNInterface content files. Visit for further information.
Pipeline Style programming brings a more functional programming style of coding to C#. Inspired by F# pipelining and C# LINQ method syntax, this tiny set of extension functions, add more functional programming features to C#.
Pipeline is an abstraction of the sequenced network nodes. It is the basic structure of neural networks and can be used for any sequenced operations.
Process pipeline framework for creating your own step by step ETL operation workflow
A simple synchronous pipeline for .net. Visit the project site for further information and examples
Set of railway-oriented C# extension methods which could be used as building blocks for data-flow style applications.
Write programs in a pipeline fashion.
An extension of the Pipe and Filter pattern in .NET
The NullableHelper class.
Microservice bootstrapper
Skyland Pipeline is a C # implementation of the Chain of Responsibility pattern.
Sends an HTTP or HTTPS request to a RESTful web service. Accepts standard input (stdin) or pipeline input as the body of the request, returns the response body to standard output (stdout) or pipeline output. See for more details.
A low latency background processing pipeline for .NET
Compose modular pipes to process data.
SimplePipeline is an easy to use pipeline system. Our code uses custom interfaces making it highly extensible.
PipelineFramework allows to easily compose and execute linear workflows using pipeline components.