Top 20 NuGet picture Packages

This library is written for image comparison operations. Bu kütüphane resim karşılaştırma işlemleri için yazılmıştır. NOTE!!!: Because the black and white of the library is converted to color, its success in color is low. NOT!!!: Kütüphanede siyah beyaza çevirme yapıldığından renkli resi...
A View for cropping images that is similar to Instagram's crop which allows a range of spect ratios. Also an Activity for cropping is included.
A fast and efficient image loading library for Android focused on smooth scrolling.
Create image thumbnails from uploaded image files to help downsize large resolution images that need to be displayed on your website in a smaller resolution.
Instagram like animated button for taking photo or recording video for Xamarin.Android
A Content App for Umbraco which lets you see the meta data of your file such as GPS and Camera details.
Implementation of GifDecoder that is more memory efficient to animate for Android devices.
A cache that uses a bounded amount of space on a filesystem. Based on Jake Wharton's tailored for Glide.
A set of annotations for configuring Glide.
An Android library that lets you implement image crop. ImageCropView crops image by moving image under fixed crop area like Instagram and iOS.
Configurable Custom Crop widget for Xamarin.Android
ImageViewZoom is an android ImageView widget with zoom and pan capabilities. This is an implementation of the ImageView widget used in the Gallery app of the Android opensource project.
Simple Android library to pixelate images or certain areas of an image.
GmailProfilePicture is Xamarin.Android view implementing a default Gmail Profile Picture. The picture consists of one circle filled with color and assigned text.
Structure.Sketching is an image manipulation and drawing library intended for use with .Net Core and .Net 4.6.
This TheEyes library makes it easy to read, find, and highlight images or windows' screens.
The Full Picture API exposes a set of the admin functionality of Full Picture to make it easy for you to build integrations with your own systems. It serves as an interface between your software programs and facilitates their interaction with Full Picture. We're continuing to expand the amount of ...
Angular Avatar is a simple and lightweight AngularJS directive that generates a letter's avatar like Microsoft or Google do in their web apps. First letter of each word in a string or a group of initials will be used to generate the avatar. The image of the avatar will be rendered in an html img tag...
Auto Scrolling Image Pager with Pager Indicator and Text for Xamarin.Android
Easy photo gallery picker for Android