Top 20 NuGet parameter Packages

A high-performance, extensible argument validation library.
A simple but flexible parameter validation library.
Cauldron.Consoles is a Cauldron.Core based parameter parser which supports grouping of parameters in execution groups. It is also supports localization and has a nice parameter table :) Breaking changes in 3.1.x - See for more information.
Validates parameters.
A simply arguments validation library with fluent API. Examples: Arg.NotNull(() => model); Arg.Validate(color, nameof(color)) .NotNullOrWhitespace() .LengthInRange(2, 20); // passangerCount is Nullable type Arg.IfNotNull(passan...
When you absolutely need ADO.NET but want to ditch the boilerplate. Do parameterized SQL with ease, asynchronously or not. Map deep POCOs with granular control beyond that of your ORM. This is the core assembly; to use with SQL Server, get FluidDbClient.Sql.
SQL Server provider for FluidDbClient. This library also makes working with Table Valued Parameters a snap.
A simple guard library for validating method parameters without being a complete validation library. This library makes it easy to validate method arguments in a uniform way.
Data provider for project's static data needs like continents, countries, cities, currencies, university
Lightweight guard / pre-condition / parameter validation library for .NET
Provides a handful of helpful extension methods for use during verification of Microsoft Roslyn Code Analysis, Code Generation, and so on. The package is intentionally left bereft of specific unit test framework dependencies.
Classes to Represent and Serialize Revit Shared Parameters
A library for checking arguments.
Lightweight and Composable CLI Argument Parser for all modern .Net platforms
Adds ability to support aliases for model binding. Set action parameter to "product" and place "productid" on querystring. i.e. public ActionResult Index([Alias("pid"]Product product) ... add global filter ... filters.Add(new AliasInitializer());
A couple helper classes to make using TVP parameters with Dapper easier.
Contain extensions for: parameter guard check | base64, base64url and hex string transformation from string to byte array and vice versa | extension to convert any collection into a string representation | Crypto random helpers | SystemTime to make it easier to write unit test involving system time.
Method parameter intercept extension system for AspectCore Framework.
Parameter guard extensions for .NET that checks that a parameter meets the requirements and throws an ArgumentException if it doesn't.
Rebinds parameters in an expression using a given map