Top 20 NuGet packages Packages

Small package for editing package.manifest files directly from the Umbraco backoffice.
A bootstrapper for NuGet packages
An executable that fetches the latest nuget.exe to enable headless builds and bootstrapping
Fudge is a PowerShell tool to help manage software packages via Chocolatey for specific development projects. Think NPM and Bower, but for Chocolatey.
...description will be provided later
Contains SSISTester framework with samples.
A communications library for use with sockets. Sends packets.
Toolkit packaging system
Provides dependency injection for Topshelf using SimpleInjector
Updated for Nuget 2.0: This adds copy and copySearch to the command line. "nuget.exe copy packageId [-Version version] [-Source sourceFeed] [-Destination destinationPathOrFeed] [-ApiKey apiKey]" | "nuget.exe copySearch searchFilter [-Version version] [-Source sourceFeed] [-Destination destinationPat...
NuGetPackageFolderOverride - a way to override your packages folder. NOTE: Unsupported functionality. There be dragons in there! You've been warned.
NuGetPackageUpdater - global update of a package in a project or all packages that have updates. This applies a global update of packages to your solution. Every project that is using a package is upgraded to the latest. Please run 'Update-Package' to upgrade all packages to current version. Plea...
Continuous integration NuGet
Toolkit packaging system
This is a NuGet packages merge utility which lets you merge two .nupkg packages (two .NET Framework Versions) into a single .nupkg package.
C# Class library to convert English date into Nepali and Vice Versa.
Gets installed app packages on a user's Windows 10 Device. WARNING: Requires the restricted capabilities "packageManagement" and "packageQuery" to be declared in your Package.appxmanifest file. Go to project url to learn how to delcare them.