Top 20 NuGet pack Packages

Package containing target for making NuGet packages
ScriptCs wrapper for BuildCs
A ScriptCs script pack for Rebus.
This provides an implementation of the Moq library for Script CS.
This provides an implementation of the FluentAssertions library for Script CS.
Bodoconsult.Core.Tools.Zip library is intended for apps requiring easy handling of ZIP archives containing one or more files
This is a source package for Microsoft Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack for you to customize, reuse and learn from. Install and unzip from the source subfolder of the corresponding package folder
ScriptCs pack to access app.configx in working folder.
DirectX library for Windows API Code Pack
Package Description
Packs a NuGet-package after a successful build in 'Release' to solution-root\NuGet-packed. NuGet.exe has to be installed and on the PATH.
Chocolatey MSBuild Targets
MSBuild tool for ASP.NET Core to pack wwwroot contents into embedded resources.
test nuget package creation, pack, publish
Pack of playing cards by DioLive Studio
A .NET Packer that can pack a lot of files into one