Top 20 NuGet oracle Packages

NDbUnit for Oracle targets; NDbUnit is a framework for managing database state during data-dependent unit tests
Eloqua Rest API Client
Oracle Provider for the Simple.Data data access library using Devart dotConnect.
Oracle Provider for the Simple.Data data access library using Managed ODP.NET driver.
SOCI was initially developed in the environment where Oracle was the main database technology in use. As a wrapper for the native OCI API (Oracle Call Interface), the name 'Simple Oracle Call Interface' was quite obvious - until the 2.0 release, when the internal architecture was largely redesigned ...
Oracle Databases (<12.1) do not know identity columns. Therefore the auto increment with the generated *.edmx files does not work. This package offers a patch to change the specified columns in the project's *.edmx files to identity columns.
Light, simple and fast convention-based code-first POCO ORM for Oracle RDBMS. Support for Creating and Dropping Table Schemas from POCOs, Complex Property types transparently stored in schemaless text blobs in Oracle.
The Oracle provider of the
An AspNet Identity provider implemented with ServiceStack.OrmLite0.v3 (last version was 3.9.71). This provider can be used with all RDBMS that has a OrmLite Dialect.
The OracleDatabaseCommand is a set of components helping C# developers to execute SQL Queries and to retrieve data from Oracle Server. It is a light and pragmatic framework that contains only the essential classes needed to create SQL query strings, define parameters and transaction, and execute it ...
simple utility for OracleDb specific extensions
Oracle database provider for Chloe Core.
Data transformation and anaytics library - Connections to a Data Experts Integration Hub
Performs CRUD operations and executes SQL on Oracle NoSQL database
C#/VB.NET database utility to write pure Oracle queries with beautifull API, to load data into environment variables and instances and to execute any pure SQL nonquery.
Data manipulation for Microsoft Oledb
Conjunto de classes e metodos para facilitar a vida dos desenvolvedores.
Sample source code using Oracle NoSQL database client driver
Support for simple database migrations for Oracle.
A SignalR backplane provider for SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB/2, PostgreSQL, and Firebird