Top 20 NuGet odec Packages

Attachment server model. Attachments are linked to the Roles/Users with special permissions
Interfaces for contact data access layer
User server model.
Contact server model abstractions.
This package describes the server models. That can be used to discribe user achievements in the database.
Language server model abstractions.
Iterfaces for data access layer to User.
Service to allow the access to the menu functionality
Interfaces for data access layer to menu
Interfaces for data access layer to the attachment.
Data access layer to the menu based on Roles or Users.
Description of Work server model abstractions.
Store server model abstractions.
Menu server model.
Original decisions specific Html model for db.
Auction server model abstractions.
Interfaces for data access layer to store
Membership interfaces for user data access layer.
Interfaces for generic operations that could be done on entities.
Order processing server model.