Top 20 NuGet nservicebus Packages

NServiceBus AzureBlobStorage DataBus
StructureMap support for Aggregates.NET
Build, version, and monitor better microservices with the most powerful service platform for .NET
NServiceBus Azure Storage Persistence
Adapter for the Ninject IoC Container
A uniform session which unifies the common operations of message session and handler context.
Allows auditing of saga state changes in NServiceBus endpoints
Sql persistence for NServiceBus
Azure Service Bus transport for NServiceBus
Allows Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection to be used with NServiceBus
SQL transport support for NServiceBus. This packages depends on System.Data.SqlClient. Use the NServiceBus.Transport.SqlServer package instead if Microsoft.Data.SqlClient support is required.
NServiceBus Transport for the Windows Azure Servicebus
NServiceBus Transport for the Windows Azure Storage Queues
MSMQ support for NServiceBus
HTTP passthrough for the SQL Server transport.
A testing framework for NServiceBus
Json.NET serializer for NServiceBus
Hooks into the NServiceBus pipeline and computes metrics like Processing Time and reports them.